Inspiroiva Keskuskatu

Kävelin keskellä Kotkansaarta.

En katsonut katukiveyksiin tällä kertaa ;)

Kotkan kaupungin puisto-osastolla työskentelevän
 Hannu Murto-Unkilan tekemät
himmelit veivät huomioni.

Keskuskatu, Kotka.


0.4mm metallilanka.

V e n y t i n.

Ompelin ensin 2 yhteen,
 sitten kolmannen.

Käytin korupihtejä apuna 

2 kommenttia:

  1. Hi !

    Well it's time for me to tell you something. I'm a visitor from France. I've been visiting your place for at least three years, and I often thought I had to leave a comment but I think I have'nt done it yet. I like everything I can see here, and I understand many things through your images but I also feel that I can't reach the whole sense of your messages just because I do not understand Suomi (is it right ?). What a shame, I must say I deaply regret it. Weil ich fühle etwas gleichzeitig ernst und witzig in deinen Artikeln (that was easier in german for me that time). At least two times a week I have to visit your place, and it's always a great moment for me. You know it happens also very often that I share it with my husband, and he is always very interested in your work !
    It's really nice of you to share all that work, that I find so different and unique.
    Hope you can understand me ...
    Have a nice week, bye !!